Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Lovely New Customs!

Hello All! 5 lovely new customs will be popping up on the Lunabee store Thursday 15th December, 7pm London time right here : Lunabee Store

They are all 1/1 handpainted and handsculpted (bar the lovely resin sprog cast by Cris Rose)

These will be my last releases before Christmas so be there 7pm on the dot to grab yours! ^_^

Lunabee x

Monday, 3 October 2011

NEW! Trick or Treat Dunny series!

These 6 little cuties will be available 3rd October, 7pm London time!

Each one has sculpted detail and an accessory, please see full turnaround photos of each one in my flickr

'Trick or Treat' : New Lunabee Dunny Series

You can catch one right here at the Lunabee Store but be quick, there's been a lot of interest in these little creepsters!

Lunabee x

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

New Lunabee jewellery!

Finally I can reveal my new line of Lunabee goodies is ... *drum roll* Lunabee Jewellery! I have brooches and necklaces in pink acrylic and wood. They have been beautifully lasercut and make perfect little gifts for yourself or a friend in their pretty Lunabee packaging!

Hope you guys like them ^_^

They will be going on sale this Wednesday (11th May) at 6pm London time right here: Lunabee store where you can check out the full range available.

These will be very limited as they are my first run so between 1 and 3 available of each design

Lunabee x

Monday, 25 April 2011

Robobees and an exciting new line..

Thanks so much to all who bought a Robobee! These gorgeous little bees were beautifully cast in resin by my close friend and super talented artist Cris Rose and then lovingly painted up by me. Series 2 will be hitting the store in May, keep your eyes peeled!

In other news, I am adding a brand new line to the Lunabee store which I am so very excited about! I will be talking about it in the Lunabee newsletter first so if you wanna be ahead of the game sign up by dropping me an email : lunabee at miskellaneous dot co dot uk!

Lunabee x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Girls Night Out Show at Dragatomi!

I am so happy to announce that on February 12th I will be showcasing some brand new work alongside the amazing Julie West and Sneaky Raccoon for the Girls Night Out show at Dragatomi!
Lunabee x

Dragatomi Show Sneak Peeks!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Koibito : my last custom of 2010..

.. and possibly my favorite. I adore the figure and enjoyed painting it so much. This was a commission piece.

Lunabee Koibito

Lunabee Koibito

2011 is set to be super busy with exciting shows and projects in the works that I cant wait to share with you all! Happy new year!

Lunabee x