Saturday, 28 April 2012

Android Duo Commission

I recently completed this commission of an Android duo - the only theme I had to go on was making them completely different from one another, so here we are ^_^

Lunabee x

HMQ and PlaySam500 Shows

I have recently taken part in a couple of shows, one being Heavy Metal Qee curated by my awesome friend Dan perry - you can buy my 8" Qee 'Rock like an Egyptian' right here with partial proceeds to charity.
I also painted up a wooden car for the Playsam500 toy show in the US which I believe is happening today! This little cutue is called the beemobile and 100% proceeds go to charity! I am not sure where this will be available to buy online but as soon as I found it I will post it here.

Lunabee x

ToyCon UK

I am happy to announce that I will have a stall at the very awesome ToyCon UK on the 6th April 2013. I will be selling a huge range of customs, large and small, alongside some Threadbear Studio products. It's gonna be a whole lotta awesome and I would love to meet you there so please come along if you can! (You have plenty time to save up!!) Click here to visit the Toycon UK website. As well as myself there is a whole host of other amazing artists showcasing and selling their wares including my lovely other half Cris Rose my amazingly talented friend Podgy Panda the super plush queen Holly Stanway and loads of others! So excited for this, I hope you guys are too! I plan to have have badges and doodles to give away too ^_^ Lunabee x