Sunday, 21 February 2010

Lunabee x Toysrevil *DUNNY GIVEAWAY*

This dunny has been created as a giveaway to celebrate the amazing blog Toysrevil turning 5 years old! Click here to see more pics and to enter the TOYSREVIL Competition to win Nushku for your own collection! ^_^

NUSHKU: The back story...
Nushku is the Fiery volcano God of the Kiki Booshka tribe, feared by all far and wide for his terrible temper and rash use of his powers. Nushku was once a normal young monster who lived happily amongst his tribe in the north west of Booshka until he discovered he had a very special talent. He discovered he could make fire with his bare hands. When word spread throughout the village about Nushku's new found power the tribe were scared and thought perhaps he was part demon. A meeting was held with the tribal elders who decided the only way to ensure the safety of the tribe was to extinguish the life of Nushku. It was decided Nushku would be thrown into the fiery pit of the Booshka volcano in order to please the fire gods and prevent him from hurting any other tribe members. On the day of the sacrifice, the tribe gathered round and chanted songs to the fire gods as they cast Nushku into the volcano. However, this displeased the fire gods greatly as Nushku has done nothing wrong and in turn they bestowed upon Nushku the powers of a volcano god. Now the tribal elders desperately try and keep Nushku happy with offerings to prevent his fiery temper from detroying all of Booshka.

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