Saturday, 1 August 2009

Lunabee: a timeline

I thought it was about time I set up a blog to post up piccies of my customs and details of giveaways and such, so here it is. First things first I am going to post up all my customs to date right here as kind of a timeline of my work :)

I hope you enjoy!

My very first custom. Me and Cris sat down one day and he forced me to give painting a try, after much protestingof 'i cant do it, i'll be rubbish' etc i gave it a go and voila:

Next up came this tiny guy, a present off Cris for me to practice on:

Two more Qees later than I decided to give a Dunny a shot:

I then moved onto Mini Munnies, how i love you Mini Munnies!

And then finally decided I had made one good enough to sell, and it did in the space of ten minutes! Meet Matojo:

I decided to keep the tribal theme running with the 'Ki-ki Booshka tribe' and created Goredema The Storm Maker, each tribe member having their own little bio and back story:

The tribe theme led onto Chief Kijani who was my most popular munny to date and sold out super fast!

I was spotted by the fantastic Drilone who asked me to participate in the SF show ' Into the Darkness' at 1am Gallery and thus came about my first show piece 'DAMU: The darkest heart' My first custom MadL which sold on the gallery opening night:

After Damu came my very first custom commission a pink themed mini munny who is still one of my personal favorites to date:

Then came my 2nd MadL and 2nd Dunny in the form of this Flutterface Duo which sold out instantly:

I fancied trying a different figure and with my love for bunnies a labbit seemed like the perfect choice, Nightshade was created and sold on my store:

Then it was back to mini munnies with this custom 'Sweet Dreams' another instant seller, hurrah!

Then one of my trickiest customs to date was a custom Arkski set 'Vela, Lumo & Baby Mino' bought by a lovely lady in sunny California. It amazes me to think pieces of my artwork are now all over the world!

Back to mini munnies again for the next custom in the form of 'Glory' This was the first time I varnished a custom and was so pleased with the result:

I felt I had been given so much support from the fabulous toy community, in particular Twitter and the KR forums that I wanted to give something back. It was approaching my 26th Birthday (June this year) and tied it in with that as a birthday giveaway in the form of this fab Qee by Toy2R. In a name out of the hat competition and with over 100 entrants, the brilliant Andy from TRE blog won this custom named 'Yooku' :

Another custom commisison cropped up for a lovely lady in New Zealand! I created this butterfly themed duo of mini munny and dunny and she was thrilled with them ^_^

Thanks to Drilone again I was asked to participate in the Vimobot custom show at SDCC this year, so very exciting! Here were my three customs 'Shaman, Tor and Nimbus' :

For my third show piece I was contacted by a great guy, Ryan from IKSentrik for the Frome festival,, my piece sold via the online web store. I decided to paint up another labbit as i so enjoyed the last one and had another experiment with contrasting fades on the base colour. This cutie was named 'Carnival'

Another custom cutie for the shop with a bit less evil than normal! Meet Ina and the rain dove:

My 4th show piece here, was a Robolucha custom for the Robolucha show curated by VISEone. I swapped the head for a mini munny head as i wanted him to look more like a mini munny in a space suit from the future. I named him Yuma and tied him in with the Ki-Ki Booshka tribe story:

I decided to try my hand at another Vimobot custom as i love the shape of the figure and came up with this little terror, current available on my store 'Hakan the Firemaster'

Which brings us bang up to date with my latest Dunny duo custom commission from a fab guy on the KR forums:

Here's to many more customs! I am now creating custom vinyl full time along with my freelance design work and have some very exciting things in the pipeline for the end of 2009 - 2010. Thanks to everyone who has supported me, bought a custom or just made a nice comment about one of my customs it really does give me a boost!

Special thanks to my best friend Cris Rose for all his support and encouragement to give this a go and to Drilone for giving me the chance to be in my first show and to Toys R Evil and Vinyl Pulse for your support and coverage of my work.

Lunabee x


  1. cheers for the blog-mention and congrats on swell customizing journey so far! Looking forward to seeing more of your work (and the entire population of KiKi Booshka tribe ;p)

  2. Love the work hun!! cant wait to see more and more appear on your blog!! Happy painting!

  3. Lovely, colourfully cute artwork with fantastic details - a really cool idea to do a retrospective of your vinyl customs, great to see them all together :)

    It's clear to see the strong development of your style and painting skills, and how quickly they've come on - for me, Glory marked the solid leap forward where it all came together :) Your work has improved with every new piece and just seems to be getting faster!

    You'll have a production piece in no time at this rate, and a well deserved one at that! :D

    Looking forward to seeing Part 2 in a few months time! :)

    Ps. fanks for the mention, but i really didn't do that much ;)

  4. Aw thanks Cris :) and yes you did that much lol

  5. Ohhh, I just love the first mini Munny you posted! She is so, so lovely and sweet.

    It's so nice to see this progression. Encouraging, too. Makes me slightly less afraid to grab a paintbrush and go at it.

    Beautiful work, Miss Sarah. Keep up the fantastic work; as always, I can't wait to see what's up next.

    <3 <3

  6. Thanks very much hun and yes you should give it a go! :) It really is so much fun x

  7. Love seeing this retrospective of your work! Keep on keeping on--I always look forward to seeing what you paint next!

  8. Misk, they're gorgeous and getting better every day! It's fascinating to see and read about the progression of your work, i can't wait to see what's next! I imagine that your characters have little stories inside them, families, lovers and enemies ... oooh, it's all so exciting! :)