Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Plush, vinyl & art goodies I've bought recently :)

This morning I was woken by the postman to my gorgeous set of Wish Come True cuties! I've wanted them so long its so nice to finally have them! ^_^

I also got these beautiful postcards i ordered from Courtney Brims a truly wonderful artist, i am going to buy The Little Mermaid print soon.

I thought id post a pic of these lovelies i bought last month! Made by the wondeful Scrumptious delight. Check out her Etsy shop here:Scrumptious Delight she is one talented lady and very lovely too :)

Finally, I also treated myself to a Marshall by the amazingly talented 64colors and i love the one i got:

I thoroughly recommend all these fab little purchases to put a very happy smile on your face ^_^

Lunabee x


  1. so cute! I'm stealing your wish come true set ;) nice to see your collection growing!

  2. Haha its a teeny collection but its mega cuteness all the way! ^_^ And no you are not stealing it lol *hides in magic room*