Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Aracnea...available 20th October!

Introducing Aracnea my first 7" custom munny - Aracnea's black heart hangs by the thread of a spider. Aracnea's job is to care for the spiders of the world but also control them. When the spiders numbers become too great he must extinguish their life causing black tears to fall from his dark, shining eyes.

1/1 custom 7: Munny with spatula/spider accessory

Available atLunabee.co.uk Tuesday 20th October 6pm London time, my stuff usually goes pretty fast so be there on the dot! ^_^

lunabee x

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  1. this happens to be my favorite! too bad i didn't have the mula for it. :( i like yor skull too Luna! Another great piece of "Lunabee"art! ;D