Sunday, 4 October 2009

New art for my walls!

Just a quick post to share the most fabulous artwork i have just hung on my walls as my custom frames arrived yesterday!

The first is one of my favorite artists, Caia Koopman with Lepidoptera's Locket. I have wanted this ever since I saw the painting on Caia's website and when she realeased the print I was the first to buy it! Caia sent me number 1 of 50! So happy! Check out her beautiful art here: Caia Koopman This is just such a beautiful image I am head over heels in love with it and have hung it right above my desk where I spend most of my time. :)

The second print is by another of my fave artists, the awesome super pow fabulous 64 Colors. I adore Marshall so just had to have this print. I chose a lovely weathered frame to reflect the feel of the print and think it looks fab! Go check out their fab stuffs here: 64 Colors

New custom work pics comin soon! :)
Lunabee x